Named Lecture

The Named Lecture was created to honor the professors that through their altruism and excellence inspired their students to learn and create. In this second edition of SKY Meeting, we decided to praise Professor Amadeu Pimenta, who we consider a great tutor and an example to follow. To fulfill this important task we couldn’t think of a better speaker than John Preto, M.D., as he is following his steps both as a professor and as a surgeon.

The Amadeu Pimenta Named Lecture is at 9:00 am and will be 30 minutes long.

To be a professor… is to be remembered by the future!

Professor Amadeu Pinto de Araújo Pimenta was born in Ponte de Lima on the 29th of November of 1943, and was a distinct scholastic and surgeon who reliably and brilliantly achieved all degrees of hospital and university careers, becoming a full Professor of Surgery of Faculty of Medicine of Porto and Director of General Surgery of CHSJ. The decision of specializing in esophageal surgery is a great reflection of his courage and tenacity with which he faced challenges head on, tireless worker, slave of the commitment to his patients, he worked weekends and holidays because disease doesn’t rest at weekends or holidays. After an internship in Paris with Professors Lortar-Jacob and Feketé, he started a projected that ultimately became the Esophageal-Gastric Unit of General Surgery of CHSJ, a national reference center for highly differentiated surgery. He created a circular eversion suturing device, did research on evaginating and invaginating sutures scarring, described a new method of transposition of esophageal plasty to the neck, created the reserve jejunal loop technique and made some modifications to the Celestin. Prof. Pimenta was a perfectionist, having filmed over 100 of his surgeries for self-evaluation and teaching his fellow younger colleagues. Furthermore, he did intense research on anatomical clinic, collaborating with the Pathological Anatomy Service of FMP and with IPATIMUP, wrote several chapters on specialty books and published hundreds of papers, communications and lectures. Recognized by his peers as an emeritus surgeon, he took the most prestigious office a portuguese surgeon can aspire to take, President of the Portuguese Society of Medicine; he was member of the National Council of Discipline of the Portuguese Medical Association. Prof. Pimenta was known for his genuine modesty, his kindness, his loyal friendship and for the humanism he put on his relations with colleagues and patients. We could say his life pillars were Science, Art, Ethics and Humanism, which supported his personal honor code: if Science is the necessity of the spirit, if the art puts the natural gift in the service of knowledge, if ethics is fundamental for the posture of man in life, humanism is the greatest pole of activity of this surgeon with which he transmitted and felt affection, dedication, love and sacrifice. On the 17th of February of 2010, Prof. Amadeu Pimenta passed away, but the memory of the great surgeon, scholastic, and loyal friend shall remain alive within the luckiest of us who had the privilege to meet him.