Vascular Anastomosis

Speaker: João Rocha Neves

Exposed fractures and vascular trauma? Reconstituting vessels circulation can be urgent and hard to manage. In this workshop you will learn the vascular anastomosis technique, essential in many cases. Only for clinical years.

DaVinci Robot Workshop

Speaker: Carlos Henriques

Did you ever wonder what could result from the combination of both advanced medicine and engineering? Do you see yourself, within a near future, inside a surgical room with the best technological apparatus to operate successfully a patient? If so, Do not wait any longer! The 5th Edition of the SKY Meeting will concern Robotic Surgery and, to get the full experience, we will provide you with an enthusiastic approach with the Da Vinci Robot.

Ophthalmic Surgery

Speaker: Inês Costa | Rita Martins

Do you enjoy the oftalmology world? In this workshop, recommended only for clinical years, you will be able to learn how to be a real eye surgeon and master the suture art on the microscope.  Don´t miss it! 


Anatomical Dissection

Speaker: Pedro Pereira

Are you interested in human anatomy? Would like to practice your knowledge on a cadaver? This workshops gives you access to the most realistic models possible, so you can learn the closest way possible to what happens in real life!

Introduction to EchoDoppler

Speaker: Marina Neto

Are you fed up with seeing echodoppler images in class but never been able to master their interpretation?In this workshop, you will finally learn the basic principles of this diagnostic method and its importance. You cannot miss this opportunity!

Laparoscopic Surgery

Speaker: Fábio Gomes

Are you interested in surgery? Would you like to learn a little more about one of the most important surgical techniques used today? Come test your skills in this workshop where you can learn to handle various instruments used in laparoscopy.  

Principles and Techniques in Urology

Speaker: João Oliveira

Do you have interest in urology? Would you like to know a little bit more about the practical methodology of this speciality? In this workshop you will have the opportunity to know, in a practical way, a bit more about the vast world of urology.

Sutures 101

Speaker: Elisabete Vale | Miguel Machado

In this Workshop you will be able to contact with a fundamental technique to develop as a surgeon. Here you will be able to practice different stitching techniques. Don’t miss this opportunity to prepare yourself for the future!

How to Manage a Burn Victim

Speaker: Gonçalo Gandra

Have you already had any experience with burned victims? Would you like to improve and learn new techniques in the intersection of Intensive Care and Plastic Surgery? In this workshop, you will be able to learn and develop your  skills, preparing you for the future.

Heart Sutures

Speaker: Francisco Lopes

Do you have the dream to be a surgeon? If the heart anatomy have always fascinated you, this workshop is for you! You will be able to practice heart sutures and become a master on this technique! This workshop is recommended only for clinical years.


Speaker: Pedro Machado | Rita Igreja

Do you see the perfectionism of plastic surgery sutures and are you anxious to get down to business? Come experience this workshop to become a master in tendon suturing.


Speaker: Jorge Rodrigues

Have you always been interested in acquiring airway manipulation skills, but never managed to train them? This workshop gives you the opportunity to try out this very popular technique on models yourself.

Sex Transition: Surgical Steps

Speaker: Inês Insua

Did you know that Porto and Coimbra are the only hospitalar centers where this Transition Surgery can be made? Are you curious to know all the steps associated to this process?

Paracentesis, Thoracocentesis and Lumbar Puncture

Speaker: Maria Margarida Luís

Would you like to learn a little more about minimal-invasive procedures, how they can save lives and how to perform them properly? If you are keen to learn about such matters, don’t miss this workshop.