Vascular Anastomosis

Speaker: Marina Neto

Exposed fractures and vascular trauma? Reconstituting vessels circulation can be urgent and hard to manage. In this workshop you will learn the vascular anastomosis technique, essential in many cases. Only for clinical years.

DaVinci Robot Workshop

Speaker: Eugénio Vicente

Did you ever wonder what could result from the combination of both advanced medicine and engineering? The 6th Edition will provide you with an enthusiastic approach with the Da Vinci Robot.

Ophthalmic Surgery

Speaker: Pedro Cardoso

Do you enjoy the oftalmology world? In this workshop, recommended only for clinical years, you will be able to learn how to be a real eye surgeon and master the suture art on the microscope.  Don´t miss it! 


Laparoscopic Surgery

Speaker: José Pedro Sousa

Would you like to learn a little more about one of the most important surgical techniques used today? Come test your skills in this workshop where you can learn to handle various instruments used in laparoscopy.

Pre-Operative Care

Speakers: Ana Araújo | André Pombo

Did you know that pre-operative care is all about thorough preparation before surgery? It includes a range of essential steps like medical evaluations, lifestyle adjustments, and patient education. Join us and learn a little bit of the essential steps towards a successful surgical experience.

Pediatric Surgery

Speakers: Joana Monteiro | Carolina Aquino

Explore the practical side of this crucial field. Pediatric surgery specializes in treating infants, children, and adolescents, addressing various conditions. We’ll be honing our skills, sharing best practices, and discovering the latest advancements, all to ensure the well-being of our little heroes.

Recommended for students above 4th year.

Approach to the Polytraumatized Patient

Speakers: Carolina Coutinho | Sara Rodrigues

Excited to be part of the Approach to Polytraumatized Patients Workshop? Where practical knowledge takes center stage. Polytrauma cases demand a unique approach, and we’re here to learn, share, and master the hands-on techniques that make a difference.

Recommended for students above 2nd year.

Heart Sutures

Speaker: Rafael Martins

If the heart anatomy has always fascinated you, this workshop is for you! You will be able to practice heart sutures and become a master on this technique! This workshop is recommended only for clinical years.

Advanced Sutures and Tenorrhaphy

Speakers: Pedro Machado | Nuno Marinho Falcão

Do you see the perfectionism of plastic surgery sutures and are you anxious to get down to business? Come experience this workshop to become a master in tendon suturing.

Recommended for students above 3rd year.


Speaker: Joana Almeida

Dive deep into the world of joint replacement surgeries. It’s all about precision, innovation, and enhancing mobility. Join us on this journey of discovery as we explore the art and science of this field.

Sports Medicine: Surgical Approach

Speaker: João Torres

Elevating Performance, One Surgery at a Time!  In this workshop we’re delving into the world of athletic injury repair and performance enhancement. From ACL reconstruction to shoulder surgery, we’re all about keeping athletes in the game. Join us in this journey of surgical excellence, helping athletes soar to new heights!

Osteoarticular Approach to the Polytraumatized Patient

Speaker: Maria Clara Correia

Unlocking the Healing Potential of Osteoarticular Care! In this workshop we’re focusing on the essential link between bones and overall recovery. In polytrauma cases, every detail counts. Together, we’ll explore the specialized techniques and insights that lead to better patient outcomes. 

Ultrasound-guided Percutaneous Procedures

Speaker: João Paulo Castro

Guiding Precision with Ultrasound Magic! In this workshop we’re honing our skills in performing minimally invasive procedures with pinpoint accuracy. With ultrasound as our guiding star, we’re making medical miracles happen. Join us on this journey of precision, innovation, and patient-centered care. 

Emergency Room 101

Speaker: Sara Fonseca

Ready to Tackle the Unexpected! In this workshop we’re gearing up to face the unpredictable with confidence and expertise. In the ER, every second counts, and knowledge is our superpower. Together, we’ll learn the essentials, sharpen our skills, and be ready for anything that comes through those doors. 

Surgical Hysterosocopy

Speaker: Margarida Martinho | Marta Costa

In this workshop we’re venturing into the intricacies of minimally invasive surgery in women’s health. From diagnosing to treating, we’re focused on precision and patient well-being. Join us on this journey as we embrace innovation and excellence in gynecological care.

Placement of Intrauterine Devices

Speaker: Ana Margarida Póvoa

In this workshop we’re gaining expertise in providing a safe and effective contraceptive option. This workshop covers everything from understanding the different types of IUDs, the insertion procedure, patient counseling, and post-placement care. It’s all about informed choices and quality care! 

Recommended for students above 3rd year.

C-Section: Step by Step

Speaker: Susana Maia

From Incision to Delivery: A Hands-On C-Section Journey! In this workshop we’re diving deep into the practical side of this life-saving procedure. We’ll be learning about the precise incisions, surgical techniques, and post-operative care that ensure a safe and successful delivery. 

Recommended for students above 2nd year.

Sutures 101

Speakers: Miguel Machado | Marta Machado | Diogo Cruz

In this workshop you will be able to contact with a fundamental technique to develop as a surgeon. Here you will be able to practice different stitching techniques. Don’t miss this opportunity to prepare yourself for the future!

Principles and Techniques in Urology

Speaker: Simão Abreu | Cláudia Fernandes

Would you like to know a little bit more about the practical methodology of this specialty? In this workshop you will have the opportunity to know, in a practical way, the most important techniques used in this field.